Pro grade, endorsed by the trade, components for custom builders
Famous XSMVO patented Pardo wall bed adjustable counter balance system for custom made vertical and horizontal wall bed furniture with concealed or exposed hardware for most common mattress sizes. Weight adjustable for various construction materials, adjustable for changing bedding or mattress preference and the mechanisms may be completely concealed in the bed frame or exposed for easy access by the fabricator. Weight and door position (reveal) adjustments are made with standard metric wrenches.
Component Set Contains

- Right and Left Counter Balance Mechanism

- Right and Left Dual Purpose Leg

- 2 each Pivot Mount Plates

- Hardware & Fasteners for Components
Chose Concealed or Exposed Bed Frame Mounting
You Choose !
Patented, reliable, safe, spring powered counter balance 

Springs and moving parts are enclosed in a thick 12 Ga. steel enclosure

Tension is changed for various construction materials or bedding with the simple turning of a handle when necessary. 24mm Socket may be required

Adjust door location for uniform gap. 6mm hex wrench required 

2 Year manufacturers limited warrantee
Selby wall bed mechanisms with accessory components include the premium features and functions demanded by high end cabinet and furniture makers. 
Extreme customization and economy of in house components is possible with this system. Contact your local cabinet hardware distributor or Selby Furniture Hardware Company for complete details, product information and options, instructions and pricing.

Selby Furniture Hardware Company does not provide cabinetry or cabinet components. This wall bed hardware is not for DIY assembly. The patented Pardo wall bed counter balance mechanisms shown, must be installed by a qualified builder or licensed contractor depending on local building codes.

Technical support for tradesmen is available for all Pardo wall bed hardware by contacting Selby Furniture Hardware or by calling our Technical Support Line.

Customer Service (718) 993-3700 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST MONDAY - FRIDAY

Design and build pure custom casework to suit your most discerning client, use your current shop disciplines and add our fold away bed mechanisms to achieve the economy, utility, and beauty of guest accommodations without the cost and mess of constructing a new room addition.
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